Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Purple Bicycle

Last week an invitation arrived on the breeze. Mel, over at From clutter to Shine , wrote about a recent experience she had personalizing an old bicycle. A shift occurred when she rode her new purple bike, a feeling of living from her source. She found herself waving to people and smiling. Through this experience, Mel found herself wanting to reach out to other women who are on the warrior’s path, women who are on a journey to live from this source. So she created a sisterhood.

It’s not a club or a clique—it’s a sisterhood. You have only to be interested in connecting to your source and supporting your sisters. You don’t even need to fix up or own a bicycle (but it could be liberating!). You are only encouraged to share your process—whatever form it takes—knowing that you have a supportive community around you. How awesome is that?!

Hide not your talents,
They for use were made.
What’s a sundial in the shade?
~Ben Franklin

And so, on the same wind that carried this invitation, I send it out again…an invitation to shine.


  1. Wow.....thank you for distilling my ramblings into such a beautiful post!!

    And for sending it on....

    ~much love~

  2. Oh, Mel. It actually felt a little clinical to me. I guess that's where I'm at today....

    I LOVE your writing. You've got grit, girl!

  3. I joined the sisterhood just this morning. :)

  4. I am so happy to be in such great company in this Sisterhood!

    In my humble opinion, we all rock!


  5. Anything for the sistahood. Think I must join.

    And I'm glad you're in it too, Jenelle - you have a sweet and unique way of phrasing your take on the world.

    Glad to meet you!

  6. Hey Mama M, good to meet you, too! So...have you joined yet?