Saturday, June 13, 2009

Refreshing Melons

This week Mon and Mel sent me a Watermelon Award. Sweet!

I accept and reciprocate by sharing six things that make me happy:

  1. I like to wake up in the morning, snuggled in my bed, with a crisp breeze coming through the window. The last few days, I find myself wanting to be there, curled up, not even reading, just being....
  2. In general, I don't like to go to the gym or exercise, but physical exertion is good. And there's something about swimming against a river current that makes me feel alive. Invigorated. That said, I haven't done it since high school....
  3. I love to daydream. The positive side is that I feel creative and am never bored. The negative? I'm too busy daydreaming to do anything!
  4. This week a dear friend, who I've never met in person, sent me a beautiful beaded heart. A just because gift. I'm a tough nut, and this kinda thing cracks me open.
  5. As much as I enjoy solitude, if I were the last person on Earth, I don't know if I'd want to go on. Family and friends make me who I am.
  6. And lastly, I like being around adults who can be vulnerable and who still have a childlike sense of wonder.

In turn, I nominate these refreshing mammas:

  • Amber, one of the most grateful people I have the privilege of knowing. She is sunshine.
  • Aurore, a naturopath, friend, and one of the most outspoken women I've met.
  • Docwitch, an enchanting writer.
  • Jennifer, an inspiring fiber artist.
  • Sarah knits the wind into poetry that warms the soul.
  • Tara, one audacious chick, who shares her journey into sustainability and what that means to her family.

I would love to hear what makes you happy, but please don't feel obligated.

There is much love to go around; pass the melons!


  1. Oh, these are ALL delightful, happy ideas. :)

  2. Pure happiness! Thank you for sharing your list, and for nominating me. :)

  3. Right now, what's making me happy is the sound of the hubby"s lawn tractor while I'm sitting here reading your blog and enjoying a bow of cherries.

  4. Thank you for nominating me with such kind words. I am off to write a poem for this ;-)

    I loved reading your list.

  5. Thanks for stopping by ladies. Your words are like hugs, and, let me tell you, I really need that right now! Good thing I wrote about happiness a couple days ago....

  6. Oh, and Marjean, you make me laugh! I needed that, too. :)

  7. Thanks very much for the nom Jenell! And those are very gooood happy things!

  8. Oh Jenell,
    I have only just seen this now. Thank you so so so much. How beautiful of you. I cannot wait to play along. Thank you lovely one and i feel warmed by your ideas of happiness.
    I am off to play along....xxxxx

  9. Thanks, loves. You all make me happy!

  10. Beautiful!
    I loved reading your happy list : )
    ...fresh bread warm from the oven, picking wild strawberries in the woods, flower bouquets from the garden, going barefoot, camping in the yard, growing Bluet and Elm oyster mushrooms in the house...

  11. Found your blog through docwitch. Splendid stuff!

  12. gardenmama, thanks for sharing your happies, too! I can just smell the bread...and feel the earth under my feet.

    Awakened Heart, I am enjoying your blog, as well. :D