Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Corner View California...beaches

Northern California beach camping. How good it is to get away from the concrete jungle and breathe with the earth. Our journey was incredible. Where do I start? The scenery was beautiful, and, although foggy the first day, the company was so good for the soul.

The next day the fog looked like it was clearing, and we headed to Stinson Beach. We set up the beach towels and got the lay of the land.

When the gulls cleared, the kids played some sort of beach ball game.

The fog was receding over the hills. Our campsite was nestled up there.

The day was perfect for flying a kite.

Here comes the sun....

Home base, snacking and ocean napping place.

Who can resist?

Flourescent seaweed dredged up from the 80s!

Down the beach....

My girl in the surf.

Waves are like a campfire; you can watch them for hours. Enchanting.

This guy was freeclimbing.

And these little guys looked like they were nestled in tightly, waiting for the tide to come in.

Pretties. This part of the world has an amazing biodiversity.

More pretties.

And this guy was doing what humans do...making something beautiful even more beautiful.

This jellyfish had the most beautiful radiating pattern. Can you imagine being one?!

We played in the surf. We hiked the coastline. We met the local flora and fauna. We sang to the night. We slept on the mountain. Today, I wanted to go to the top. From sea level to 2571 feet. If you look closely, you can see San Francisco in the distance. It was amazing to be in such a seemingly isolated, wild place and be so near the city.

Check out these corner view beaches from across the globe!


  1. hey jenell! this was fab! i feel like i´m there with you. i´m learning about so many places that i had no idea existed. sounds like you had a great time. besos-jane p.s. it looks like you have the links posted... i´m pretty sure you can copy from mine and paste... o.k. not that sure, but try... thank you for all the pretties!

  2. All I like is in your pictures : freedom, beauty of nature, humour... Nice "report" and corner view !!!!

  3. That jelly fish is AMAZING !!! wow

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love the pictures. California is beautiful!!
    I miss it much.

  5. What beautiful photos....I love the ocean...and the mountains...and the...well, you get the idea.

    It's nice to see a view of a beach in California that isn't all bronzed, muscle-bound boobs and thongs...:)

    Thanks for sharing..

  6. Oh wow, how beautiful...sooo beautiful. Yet another place i must

  7. Thanks, ladies. It was so fun. I took a gazillion pictures. There was so much I wanted to share. But it would have made for an obscenely long post.

  8. It looks like a beautiful place to be!
    I love the jellyfish!

  9. A lovely vacation!
    I miss the smell most of all.

  10. Lovely, just lovely. Your beach here looks like it could be in NZ :) I haven't taken part in this week's corner view but great to see other people have :)

  11. Oh, looks so relaxing! How fun.


  12. Garden Mama, I saw a post of yours (a couple weeks ago?) about a beach trip. I remember seeing a picture of a flower with two berries in the center. A friend of mine told me they're called twinberries (or woodbine). They're so pretty!

    Stephanie, I have been oogling over your corner of the world. I was born in the north-mid-west and feel at home there. My husband would miss the ocean, tho'. Yep, there's something about that smell. I had a second skin of salt paste accumulating on me and didn't notice it until I looked at my glasses!

    Ruth, I daydream about living in New Zealand. I love both the mountains and the ocean. Hey, maybe I could talk my hubby into moving there!

  13. What beautiful photos, and a nice trip. I've never looked so closely at the pattern on a jellyfish--cool. Having been to the ocean recently, I know just what you mean about watching the waves for hours. It is enchanting.

    Thanks for sharing your view!

  14. You live in such a beautiful part of the world! I loved seeing all these beach pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh, wow! Thank you for the amazing post. We moved from S. to N. California this past year and we've been missing the S. Cal beaches. It's great to see such a beautiful N. Cal beach...we'll have to check it out, now that we've seen your pics. Thanks!

  16. Jennifer, Stinson Beach has pretty nice sand. Just north is Dillon Beach, which is a little smaller, a little grittier, but also a little less crowded. They're only a little less than two hours away. It's probably a little cooler than you're used to, though! This was one of our homeschool trips, too (hint-hint)!

  17. Just beautiful! I am instantly relaxed and can almost hear the sound of the surf :) Thanks for sharing!