Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corner View California...street fashion

I almost didn't do this week's corner view. It's not that I don't like fashion; I do. I love the way people express themselves with color and fabric. It's not that I think our little city is without fashion. It's no San Fransisco or Tokyo, but it's colorful in its own way.

It's just that...I'm horribly shy. Taking pictures of nature and my family are one thing, but I've never taken pictures of people I've never met. But my girl Mel was in my head, encouraging me to push the boundaries of my comfort level. So, I (literally) dragged my pre-teen daughter out to the farmer's market and proceeded to embarrass the hell out of her.

I pictured myself climbing a tree and taking pictures from there.... But that wouldn't do it. I could just sit somewhere all day and take pictures of whoever passed before my lense.... Don't think that would have gone over too well with my daughter! So, I started out by taking pictures of people from a distance. Vegetables are the new accessory!

Two little birds.

Two more cool birds.

Skater boys skate to the market.

Bicyclists bicycle.

Check out her cool boombox purse!

After the unsatisfactory experience of taking photos from a distance, I got the nerve up to ask this chick if I could take her picture. She was very sweet. I have some chocolate mint in my garden from Woodsong Herbs. Mmmm....

This gal was also so very nice to let me photograph her. She had highlights in her hair that complemented her outfit.

Meet Johannes and Phillipe. They're from Finland and are traveling around California for the summer. They were friendly. How could they not be with the most awesome national anthem in the world?! I woulda talked with them more, but I'm still making my debut.

After I bought my daughter a lemon Italian ice, we walked back to the car. I said, "That wasn't so bad, was it?" She said that she wanted to hide, but that she liked Johannes and Phillipe. She saw this face on the way back to our car.

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Next week´s theme comes from Lisa and is "music."
Contact Jane if you want to play along!


  1. I love this! There is quite a little story going on here with your adventure through the farmer's market : )
    Your too cute wanting to climb up in a tree, and I love your shot of the birds, you went from pictures of veggies right into conversations and got some cool pics! Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone, I would have been with you wanting to hide up in a tree lol!

  2. I'm really glad you had fun with it by the end, and your daughter would have missed the Finish guys had she really hid!

  3. This is a great series of shots! Full of stories and a certain sweetness of community. You are braver than I, and your daughter is more patient than mine would have been under the circumstances!

  4. That is so cool! I would love to meet guys like Johannes and Phillipe, and I bet they liked talking to you. I am shy, as well, so it would be hard. But the camera project is a great excuse to reach out.

    Great photos.

  5. awesome! you did it! i don't think i could, but didn't have achance to test it. so i could stick to the safe shooting of my boys :)

    and the photos are really cool!

  6. This is excellent fun Jenell! I love it, and you've really captured the atmosphere so well. It's making me dream of a summer markets and relaxed market-goers.

    Oh and I completely relate to how you feel about taking photos of yourself...hehe. I'm chronically camera-shy.

  7. gardenmama, it was quite a process, huh? I want to do it again, though. Maybe not for this corner view project. Maybe not street fashion. But just going out and talking with people and taking their pictures.

    Francesca, I'm glad we went. I think my daughter is, too, but she won't admit it! And I can't say enough that I loved your corner view, by the way! I wanted to take pictures of some really beautiful elderly people, too, but I didn't think I could make them feel comfortable with what I was doing. Maybe next time....

    Thanks, Sarah. I'm glad I didn't chicken out like I wanted to. It really was a good experience, and I felt a little more comfortable each time I talked with someone. I think it was good for my daughter to see me stretching that way a little, too, ya know?

    Okay, Lisa. I totally recommend this to you, especially. You are an awesome writer, and you could make it into more of a journalistic piece instead of the bumbling memoir that I did!

    trinsch, I thought your picture of your boys was precious.

    Thanks, docwitch! It WAS unexpectedly fun! The day was beautiful, too. A little warm, but almost just right. I have been envious of pictures of the weather in your part of the world right now, looking so refreshingly cool.

    Luckily this was about street fashion and not my fashion!

    I can just hear the runway announcer...
    Today, Jenell is wearing torn jeans, a rainbow t-shirt with a raven painted on it, and her hair in a bun.

    Almost the librarian type.... ;)

  8. These are great photos, and I love the topic. I would have been nervous about taking other people's pictures to, but it does sound like a fun way to meet people.

  9. Thanks, Dawn. Sacramento actually has a growing indie fashion movement. Turns out I just missed the quarterly fashion bazaar on Saturday...again. Ah, well. I think I had more fun at the park, anyway.

  10. omg! this is great! i´m glad you did it! you are braver than me- i just took the backs of everyone!... besos-jane

  11. Thanks, Jane. Your pictures are fabulous and your words are funny, as always. Your corner view project has been fun.

  12. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Secondly, this is so cool! I was just at the farmer's market in my town last week and struggling to take pictures. I wanted to document it for my blog, but I was afraid people would get mad!

    You've inspired me. I'm going to try again next week. I plan on posting about this in two more weeks.


  13. Yoga Witch, you go, girl! I do have some advise, tho': think about what you want to say first. I probably weirded out that sweet gal at the herb stand cuz I just blurted out, "Can I take a picture of you?" Then I worked backward and explained what I was doing for my blog. Strongly recommend introducing yourself, first. But maybe you'd do that, anyway, and are not quite the goofball as I am! Have fun!

  14. I loved that you not only roamed outside your comfort zone, you OWNED it by the end of the day!

    I really want to play along next week...

    That is my new mission...

    :) Loved the shots! Looks like an awesome day!

  15. O, Cam, you should do it! I think you'd have fun.

    As far as owning it, I'm not so sure about that.... I was getting closer, though!

  16. I'm glad you mentioned that, Jenell. I can see myself doing that, too! I blurt first, explain later! :)

    I can't get the usual profile link to work, so I'll just sign it as Anonymous, but this is Yoga Witch! :)

  17. Such a fun post and you´re my new hero! I´d rather hide in the bushes (or climb into a tree) than ask someone if I could take their picture. Bravo!

  18. So you'd be in the tree with me too, huh, Jeannette?! I think there would be a lot of us up there.... Now that'd make an interesting picture!

    Yoga Witch, I'll be looking for your post. :)

  19. hey thanks for taking my picture (woodsong herb booth)! I'm fairly shy myself so I understand that feeling. But don't be afraid to ask people at farmers market, everyone there is really nice and open. If you're ever looking for another fashion center, the farmers market under the freeway (6th and X street) is a great people and fashion watching spot. Also come by our booth! Or look me up on myspace:

  20. kayla! Yay, you left a comment! Is Woodsong your family's business? I have been to the Sunday market, too. I feel like a spinning top many many vegetables....

    I checked out your myspace page. You're a kindred spirit (only younger, damned you!). ;)

    See ya!

  21. Hey Jenell,

    Well, I didn't do as good a job as you (I'm still working up my bravery!). But here's my farmers' market/photo journal post: