Monday, June 15, 2009

Kombucha Experiment #2, Update

A few weeks ago I made kombucha without a mushroom. When a full batch didn't work, I tried halving the recipe. After a week there were little bits of culture here and there, but not a whole mushroom. I decided to let it go for awhile longer. The day before what would be two weeks, there was alot of activity, bubbles galore. But no mushroom still. I told my friends that my experiment had failed and that they'd probably have to find a mushroom through the local Weston Price group.

The very next morning I looked at it...the bubbling had subsided...and there was a mushroom...a whole mushroom! It is pretty thin, but I made a fresh full batch with it today, and (hopefully) it will grow.

It worked! It worked! Yay, it worked! Woo-hoo!


  1. Thanks for posting on this, Jenell. I know very little about Kombucha and I am very interested in learning more!

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! That *is* super exciting! I know I was excited just reading about this : ) I need to go check out your links now...

  3. Congratulations! We're dying to learn to make our own to as I was suppose to get a scoby from someone local, but to no avail.

  4. My partner is making kombucha now (with a mushroom). Interesting that you don't need one.
    A lot of the Amish around here are making kombucha and selling the mushrooms.

  5. Erin, have you tasted kombucha? If you haven't, I'd recommend doin' that first. It's one of those tastes that you either love or hate. And if you like it, it's SUPER easy to make.

    gardenmama, thanks for sharing in my glee!

    April, do your kids like kombucha? My daughter doesn't....

    MamaRose, well, if you want, you can try making it without the "mushroom." It works! What's a "scoby"?