Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Happiness

I have been tagged by Mel to share six things that make me happy. There are so many things, things for which I am grateful, moments that bring me peace. But this is what lives in me this morning.

Happiness is…
  1. the written word. I feel it in my mouth and fingertips and finally in my head and heart. I could eat words and be satisfied.

  2. nothing between me and the earth. No gloves, no shoes. Planting, tending, the smell of wet earth, being part of, not separate.

  3. my daughter’s affection and touch.

  4. listening to my husband play piano. He has an awesome band in which he sings and plays guitar and some piano. But to hear him in the middle of the night, composing, makes me melt.

  5. crisp, cold, dry, breathable Montana big skies. I now live in California, in a beautiful junction—between two rivers, between the mountains and ocean, and between country and city. I’m cradled in a plentiful breadbasket. But it doesn’t invigorate me like my birthplace.

  6. blood. Not my own lifeblood, though, of course it makes happiness possible. Not my moontime, though I’m happy to be a woman. But a wonderful juice. It’s not the fountain of youth or vital mountain springwater, but it makes me feel alive.

No Impact Man had an interesting blog about happiness this week. Wanna play tag? What's your bliss?


  1. what a heartfelt and stirring list!

  2. Great many common threads here...thanks for playing along!

  3. lovely list. what a treat to hear your loved one composing in the wee hours.

    I'm less sure about turnip juice. LOL

  4. Mel, when I saw your response last night, I had a moment of sheepishness. I went back and reread your wonderful list and realized that I chose similar happinesses! hee-hee Ah, well, I guess I resonate with you. ;)

    Thanks, Mon. I know, turnip juice sounds DISGUSTING! I guess I didn't sell that one very well. You gotta try it, though. With beets. It's so refreshing and makes my cells dance. Really.