Monday, December 1, 2008

A Poem...

“Of Particles and Presences”

Some days…I feel
Like a mountain; am I
Inert? Alive? Or
Does my body
Express a slower ecological tempo
In rhythm with the grinding of glaciers,
The tremor of the earth,
The low rumble of river rocks
As they speak of where they came from
And where they are going—
The slow precession through the equinoxes.

This is NOT a funeral durge—
A slow march to death. Today
The wind carries a message
From a professor far away, “Love
Takes time.”

Love, this coming together
Of particles and presences
In a dance weaving through the centuries.
Peaking and dissolving….
And yet we are not mere fractals—
God dreaming the dreamer dreaming
We reunite in infinite variation,
In celebration.

Jenell Heimbach


  1. Jenell~ Thanks for sharing. That is beautiful. I guess it popped the top off of some tears waiting to burst, here they come.

  2. That's so lovely and stirring.

  3. Thanks, Rae. Today is my birthday, and this was kind of my gift to others. I'm glad you liked it. Hugs to you!

  4. Ms. Patience, thank you. I'm slightly less celebratory as the day is waning. Thank you for your love. I think I needed it right now.

  5. are right, love takes time. I would love to see you and chat just about that.

  6. Georgia.... Are you back? I've been holding you in my heart.

  7. This is perfect! Just what I needed today. Thank you...

    Abundant Peace, Jesse

  8. Happy belated birthday! Lovely poem. I enjoyed its ideas of solidity and fluidity.

  9. Thanks, Mon! I struggle with impatience and being too independent for my own good. Sometimes I just want to run away.... But I'm lucky to have found people who help me through my pricklies, who take time with me, and show me how to take time with myself. Sigh....

  10. Just wonderful Jenell...something about your writing speaks to me so much...I guess we are of the same mind in many ways. Happy Belated Birthday, my friend.

  11. Ditto, Leilani. Big hugs to you!