Friday, October 31, 2008

Express Your Freedom

We inhabit a beautiful country and, beyond boundaries, a beautiful planet, an unfathomable universe, a wonder-full you. Our task is to find our will to live in an intimate relationship with all these things. Create the world you Imagine. Express your freedom.

I do not see the big loom (or the weaver!), but I do see some of the marvelous tapestry. I do not know the outcome of this presidential election. I do not care who you vote for; just vote. Vote your conscience. Get involved in your world. Heed your call--whatever it is!

I will be voting for Barack Obama. I think he can inspire and awaken our nation.
Click here for more videos from Vote For Change


  1. I had a hard time making up my mind which one to post. With Halloween and all I had to go for Shelton.

    The verification code is

    rogue ensues how fitting

    I especially like Angela's vid on why one should not use certain feminine products.

  2. PS
    How great it is that someone I have never met could turn me on to another aspect of the power that flows.

    I am a little late on things living where I do but great things come through the web.

    I will be looking for a new video pc daily and info on the obeygiant site this will get me through the next 4 days.

    Thanks Jenelle

  3. Love that poster! He won! He won!

  4. I am excited, too! And even IF he turned out to be just another talking head, I think he met the American yearning (however supressed) to meaningfully contribute to our world. No matter what our socio-economic standing, our culture marginalizes us from each other, and I think we are getting to the tipping point, where we're not willing to perpetuate it anymore. That is my hope, anyway. Thanks for connecting with me Lisa. I have enjoyed your blogs and your spirit!