Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Aren't gifts awesome?

I mean, there's the gift of life, the gift of having the necessities taken care of, the gift of little things people do for each other daily that are often taken for granted....

And then there's the gift that appears - unexpected. It's not your birthday, not Christmas, Easter, or any of the many Hallmark holidays. But suddenly a gift appears.

You open it up and it's a __________. It doesn't even matter what IT is. Well, it sort of matters. I mean, it wouldn't be quite so touching to get a book about how to heal your inner bitch or some god-aweful lacy outfit that even your great grandmother wouldn't be caught dead in.

The best part about this gift is that someone was thinking about you. There was a moment in their day when something made them think of you.

Today, I received a gift from Michelle Bornt. She found a cigarette vending machine that has been re-imagined into a miniature art dispenser. It totally made my day! And it inspired me. I dig it when people create. I love INGENUITY and THE UNEXPECTED and AUDACITY.

And I love my friends. Thank you, Michelle.

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